Friday Letter, 6-5-15

Near and Far.  That’s the theme for today.

Last week was afar.  Terence, Mari and I were in Japan visiting our partner college, Trajal.  As part of our contract to provide English classes to Trajal students, they ask that we visit once a year to keep the leadership relationship strong.  We learned how excellent their technical programs are and saw their fantastic facilities in both Osaka and Tokyo.  We serve 40 students each year, from April through December.

Also afar, we met up with Lindsay Custer for dinner and heard about her experiences as a Fulbright Scholar.  Lindsay will rejoin our ranks in September and has not only represented Cascadia well, but has had some great experiences teaching in Japan.  Her knowledge of the language, culture, and society are immense and it was great to see her in this element.  She spent this year in Japan as her sabbatical.

Not so far, but not on campus…I will be in Bellevue most of today at the BOLD Leadership Summit.  This program for 40 students run by UWB allows students the opportunity to engage with business CEOs and is a premier leadership lab opportunity.  UWB opened up 5 spaces for Cascadia students this year, so I will be attending the summit to hear about their experiences.  I continue to hear about, and encourage, relationships with UWB among faculty and students.  Thanks for pursuing those opportunities when you can.

On campus, we have hit “Graduation Season”.  We’ve already had our student leader recognition event (Wednesday night) and the Honors and Leadership (last night).  Thanks to the faculty and staff who attended those events.  Next week is our All Employee End of Year Celebration (Fri, 2:30).  And the following week is the President’s Coffee House (Tues, 6/16 @ 4p), a Veterans Graduation Ceremony, and International Students Ceremony, and of course Graduation.

We are also working furiously to wrap up as much administrative business as possible.  This includes finishing projects on the Academic Plan, looking at committee structures, figuring out the structure for Cavolines, getting committee reports, and finishing up teaching.

We have just a few short weeks to go before graduation, so thanks for the extra efforts.  Hang in there.

Have a great weekend!

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