President’s Friday Letter, 5-15-15

Sara Gómez Taylor sent an email earlier this week thanking those who were involved in our annual Open House.  I would like to echo her thanks for the hard work from all of our volunteers.  Blue, Gray, Green, and White Kodiaks were everywhere to be found and it showed great care by the college to our prospective students and their parents.  In addition to our hard-working volunteers, I want to take a moment to thank Sara for her leadership.  She has been a great addition to our campus and her energy and passion around student recruitment is abundantly clear.  Congrats Sara and to all of those who contributed.

As you can imagine, we are also investing a lot of energy into our diversity initiatives shared a few weeks ago.  The feedback we’ve received since the DIA comprises both concerns and optimism.  The executive team is definitely listening to those comments as we want this experience to be beneficial for all involved.  One of the comments was that, as you finish the online survey about culture (the IDI), you might like to receive your feedback from someone who does not work at Cascadia.  With that in mind, we have researched and found 3rd party “debriefers” who will help us.  As that feedback is formed, you will be given an opportunity to choose debriefer.

Other comments have formed around the Cavolines.  We are evolving our ideas on topics, participation, and the leaders of those groups so that we can best represent a safe and healthy learning environment for all.  As those ideas form up, we’ll share current progress.  I very much appreciated the time with Classified Assembly last week where we processed the IDI experience as well as how the Cavolines might be formed.  Thanks for your input.

A little bit later today you’ll receive an email from HR explaining more about how to access the IDI and when you’ll be able to select your debriefer.  Please make sure to read through that email even if you have already completed the IDI.  We want to emphasize that the more each of us learns about culture, the more effective we think we’ll be at student success.

There is a 45 minute DIA make-up session today at 10am in CC2-261 for those of you who did not make the all-day session.  There is another on Monday at 11:30, also in 261.

A budget update for the entire campus community happened yesterday and another will be held Monday at 3:30 in CC1-250.  If you’re interested in the work by the Budget Council and eTeam over the last few months, please plan on joining us.

I think that does it for now.  Have a great weekend!

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