President’s Friday Letter, 5-8-15

And another week goes by.  It seems like we are all in a rush to get things done before the season changes.  Every year, as the end of spring quarter approaches, we all get a little anxious.  Budget decisions are being made, projects set to be completed by June are brought to a close, we’re tired, classes wind down, and we know that as summer begins we shift into a different type of work.  It’s all a part of our life cycle at Cascadia. But behold, we have a President’s Coffee House coming to soak up your worries.  A little Norah Jones playing in the background, an Irish Kiss (coffee drink), a comfortable couch….sounds like just the right thing, doesn’t it?  June 16, 4pm.  Put a happy face next to it in your calendar.

Speaking of budget…individual notifications have gone out to inform everyone of what items we intend to include in the budget proposal to the Trustees.  Thank you to the Budget Council for their work (Laura, Kim, Monica, Gordon, Gene, Walter, Becky, Erik, Sharon, and (student) Chris Knudsen).  We were able to get farther than we anticipated, although it would be nice to have another million dollars in our pocket.  If you’d like to see the big picture, there are all campus sessions on May 14 & 18 starting at 3:30.

Thank you to the Committee on Committees (Catherine, Walter, Gene, Robyn, Rosemary & Terence).  These individuals have been working over the year to help understand faculty workload requirements.  Along with thanks to them, thank you to Faculty Assembly for being willing to openly discuss these difficult issues and work to find a resolution to the many aspects we’re trying to balance.  I know we’re not done with this discussion, but I believe we will find something that meets everyone’s needs.

Also thanks to the Classified Assembly for inviting me to share time with you this year through our Ted Talks.  Our last one begins today at 8:30 in CC1-250.

I hope everyone will take a chance to visit Cascadia’s premier recruiting event next week, the Open House.  It begins Tuesday at 4:00 in Mobius.  Even if you are not directly involved, stop by to soak up the energy from our prospective students.  This event keeps getting better and better and offers the community a look into our world.

There will be a make-up day for DIA next week at 9am on Friday, May 15.  Stay tuned for details on location.  If you could not make last Thursday’s event, I hope you will return for May 15.  This is a shorter presentation by me with the details of the initiative we’re beginning.

So even as we hope to take a break via the upcoming coffee house, I know you are all working hard on behalf of the college and our students.  Please know that you are appreciated.

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