President’s Friday Letter, 4-17-15

Did you know that there are over 50,000 high school cheerleaders across America?”

That was the opening line by Bryant Gumble on a television show in 1986 that highlighted my high school competition cheerleading team as we tried for back-to-back titles.  I was part of the team that won the national championship in 1985.  We failed miserably in 1986 and that got documented by NBC.  While 1986 was the end of my cheerleading career, those words by Bryant Gumble have stuck with me.  (Probably because I’ve watched that tape more times than I can count.)

However, it is how I start this Friday Letter and it has a much better outcome:

Did you know that four women on Cascadia’s campus were recently awarded the Women in Leadership Award by a joint UWB/Cascadia committee?  Here they are, with a sentence from their award nomination.

  • Gail Alexander won the Faculty award.  “She pushes to make Cascadia a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse community and I’m so thankful to have her as a member of our community.”
  • Tracy Phutikanit won the Staff award. “Time and again students share how helpful Tracy is and thankful that she gave them attention.  She has made an immediate impact on campus.”
  • Kimberley Dunlap won a Student Award. “I have enjoyed watching Kim grow from being a strong student leader into a confident, strong woman who embraces leadership and recognizes her potential to create positive change.”
  • Ace Lee won a Student Award. “Ace was one of 45 students chosen to attend Stanford’s leadership and entrepreneurship training and is the initiator of the Education Rights Forum on student debt.”


Did you know that Earth Day is April 22?

Our clever grounds folks have the following to say about that:

“We will have kale starts that we grew in the greenhouse available for planting in the Food Forest by the campus community beginning at around 10am on Earth Day.  Everyone who plants a kale will have the opportunity to enter themselves into a drawing for a Leopold Bench that we made out of reclaimed wood over the Winter Holiday–very elf-like of us I know.  Tim will also be on hand with information about the Food Forest and will be able to share the vision of the new landscape with interested folks.”

I want the bench, so I’m planning on planting as many Kale starts as possible.  I hope to see you there.

Did you know that we have several new initiatives we’re exploring?

While these aren’t set in stone, and I think I have mentioned them previously, I thought I would say a couple words about the projects we are currently researching.

We are researching the opportunity to take over a property in Sammamish.  Working collaboratively with Bellevue College and Lake Washington Tech, we are determining what it would take to renovate this facility, support the facility with staff, and draw the student population we would need to make it self-supporting.

We are researching the logistics, impact, and opportunities that exist with bringing Tent City 4 to our campus for a 3-month period.  There are lots of topics to be explored with this idea and a group of folks led my Meagan Walker is putting together a report.  This idea is largely informed by Seattle Pacific’s successful experience hosting Tent City this year.

And finally, we are in the process of affirming our desire to host a competition sponsored by a group called Social Venture Partners.  This competition, called Fast Pitch, gives grant money to high schoolers and college students who have designed socially-conscious start-up companies.  They pitch their idea to judges in an attempt to win a grant to help them with their idea.  If you are interested in coaching a group on how to best present their idea, see me.  If you are interested in passing on more information to students about the competition, see Erik T.

Did you know that accreditation is fast approaching?  Please make sure you are familiar with the mission, core themes, and some of the objectives that relate to your area.  THANK YOU

And did you know that I would end this by saying “have a great weekend?”

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