President’s Friday Letter, 4-10-15

An update on Dancing:

I have learned a Swing dance.  I perform tomorrow night at 7:30 at the Northshore Performing Arts Center on the Bothell High School Campus.  Tickets are still available ($27, unless you’re a student and then they are $10).  Is anyone going??  I hope to rock the program and perform better than my competitors.  I hope you’ll join me. Don’t mean a thang, if you ain’t got that swing.

An update on the Coffee House:

The President’s KaffeeHaus…Tuesday, June 16, 4pm.  That’s the same week as Graduation, but no one said that having two gatherings in one week is against any policy. I’ll provide treats, an Italian Kiss, and other delicacies.  Hope to see you there.


Rosemary is making the rounds and sharing with everyone our Accreditation documents as well as aspects of our visit on April 28-29.  I’d like to stress how important it is that everyone feel up-to-speed on our mission, core themes, academic plan, and how you fit into that.  If you don’t know, ask a supervisor, Dean, Rosemary, or my office.


It’s coming together.  More and more variables are being solidified that help steer us to how we’re doing financially.  However, about 2-3 of the variables will not be determined until June due to the legislative and allocation processes.  So, deciding on what will be funded in 15-16 may not happen until mid-summer.  However, we still have our process through the budget council that allows us to prioritize what we would spend money on IF we have extra dollars.  I want to encourage everyone to continue supporting that process because I rely on it heavily when it comes to making decisions about expenditures.

I believe our budget for this year and the next few years to come is fairly stable, but I’m not sure there will be many excess discretionary dollars.

Spinning Plates:

Beyond the budget and accreditation, and like most of you, I’m spinning multiple plates in my little circus.  In addition to what I’ve mentioned, I’ve been spending every day either meeting with folks about or writing sections for the new Foundation business plan. It’s coming along well and I should be ready to present it to the Trustees in late June.

Also, our April 30th day to discuss the new Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is fast approaching.  We are putting final touches on this and hope to have a quality program for you.

I will conclude by saying that I have had numerous meetings lately with sister institutions.  Time and time again they marvel at how flexible and nimble we are as a small institution.  They don’t have budget processes as transparent as ours.  They envy the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative we’re starting.  They don’t have communication methods that effectively reach large groups (e.g., Navigators, Assemblies, Friday Letters, etc).  While we constantly strive to improve these processes, we’re pretty dang good at them.  Maybe you should celebrate this by coming to watch me dance tomorrow.  =)

Have a great weekend.

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