President’s Friday Letter, 4-6-15

I’m pretty excited to write this Friday Letter.  I’m delivering it on Monday because I decided to publish it in conjunction with the first day of Spring Quarter.

Why am I excited?  Dancing and Coffee and Farms.

This week I will be helping out the Northshore Performing Arts Center in a fundraiser entitled “Dancing with the Northshore Stars.”  Starting tonight, I will be paired with a professional dancer and given a dance to learn.  On Saturday (April 11) I will perform this dance against 5 other competitors who have learned their own dances. There are three men and three women in the competition.  I will be assigned tonight either a Swing, Viennese Waltz, or Paso Doble dance.

The performance begins at 7:30 at the Northshore Performing Arts Center at Bothell High School.  Tickets are $27 each, unless you are a card-carrying student and then the tickets are $10 each.  You can buy them at

I am doing this to not only help the Performing Arts Center, but to also represent Cascadia in our community.  I invite you to come watch, have some fun, and vote for me.  I probably need all the help I can get.  It’s a great Saturday night date, it’s for a good cause, and I would appreciate the support.  Would you please also pass this onto students who might be interested in a fun night out?  (I’m thinking in particular the International Crowd.)

On to Coffee.

I mourned the loss of the President’s Pub last quarter.  Maybe you did too?  So, after spending some time in Germany over the spring break and being inspired by their practice of 3:00pm Kaffee and Kuchen (cake), I thought I would bring back our quarterly gathering in the form of the President’s Coffee Haus.

Yes that’s right.  We are getting together again.  I will provide regular and decaf coffee and there will be the normal fixin’s.  Additionally, I will provide a specialty coffee drink…this time called the “Italian Kiss”.  Along with our coffee I will provide a sweet (cake or homemade muffins).  For those of you who do not drink coffee, I’ll provide tea.

So our gathering is coming back and I hope that we will reach our record 90 person attendance mark that we attained at the last President’s Pub.  We’re still working on a date and time, but I hope you will join.

And lastly, Farms.

Two weeks ago, 22 Cascadia students registered to participate at 6 different sites for our Alternative Spring Break program with UWB.  Work sites included Morethana Farm, Treads and Threads, Puget Soundkeepers Alliance and the Youth Migrant Project.  Take note of Cascadia Student Government President Kimberley Dunlap and VP Kira Luchau working away.  Congrats to Student Life for a successful program this year.

UW Bothell Alternative Spring Break on MoreThanAFarm

I will leave it at that for today.  I hope you have a good first week and I’ll report on some more regular (maybe mundane) work this Friday on our normal schedule.

5 thoughts on “President’s Friday Letter, 4-6-15

  1. I love the idea of a Coffee get-together! If you want to keep it in the spirit of being linguistically correct why not the President’s Kaffee Haus? 🙂

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