All Stripped Down

Cascadia’s mobile collaboratory is beginning to take shape. Technically, it’s lost some of its shape but that was part of the plan. Mohan Raj (engineering faculty) and Chris Gildow (art faculty) finished the job of stripping the trailer down to its frame. As an observer, I can testify that this was not easy work.

Mohan and Chris after removing the sub-floor

Mohan and Chris after removing the sub-floor

At the moment, all that remains is the undercarriage of a single axle trailer and its aluminum shell. With the demolition phase now complete, the project is shifting into the final design phase.

The architecture firm at Mithun, which is generously providing its time and expertise free-of-charge, produced four initial design concepts.


Example of one design concept from Mithun

Once Cascadia has settled on a design approach, Mohan and his students will take the wheel! Students enrolled in the spring quarter Circuits course will be re-wiring the trailer while students in the Mechanics of Materials will be involved in the construction process. In a future quarter, Cascadia’s printmaking students will apply their art to some of the interior furniture and spaces.

2 thoughts on “All Stripped Down

  1. I am excited to see the transformation!! It will be a fun to see the “canned ham” around the community. Maybe we can be an infamous at the “Duck” in Fremont 🙂

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