President’s Friday Letter, 2-27-15

I had two new experiences this week.

First, Senator Patty Murray’s office sent a rep to our campus to visit and get to know us.  They have divided King County into “metro” and “greater Seattle” districts.  Her new hire for the “greater Seattle” area was keen on getting to know us and fascinated by the development of Cascadia.  She immigrated to the US at the age of 4 and eventually was a community college (and university) student.  It was great to have the Senator’s office taking an interest in us and I foresee good things ahead now that we have this more direct contact.

Second, I was the master of ceremonies for the Kenmore State of the City address.  Our regular associations  with Northshore School District and the City of Bothell sometimes overshadow the fact that we serve Kenmore too.  It was nice to be asked to host this function with over 120 people in attendance.  I think Kenmore values the presence of Cascadia and I’m glad I could represent us there.

Some not-so-new experiences…

I got a chance to take the green bucket around and visit this week.  It was good to walk the halls and visit with many of you.  Sorry if I missed you, but I’ll be back.

I also had a great meeting with the Faculty Assembly last week about the college’s proposed Diversity and Inclusion plans.  I will be getting to Exempt and Classified Assemblies at your next meetings to share with you also.  The ideas are a result of much collaboration across the college and I they are finally coming together into one opportunity.

I’ve been at the presidents’ meeting in Olympia yesterday and today.  I sit on a group that is discussing how to code International Students.  And, as you know, I chair the Capital Committee.  Both those groups met yesterday.  We are steadily working to resolve issues in both those arenas.  Ahead for me this morning is the first heavy duty discussion about the new funding allocation model due out next year and a heavy duty discussion on ctcLink.

I’d rather be chatting with my green bucket…but sometimes we have to engage in these other duties, right?

Have a great weekend.

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