President’s Friday Letter, 2-13-15

I spent time with the classified staff last Friday and we watched another TED talk.  What a great morning.  I write about this today because, even a week later, the message about how we create happiness in the workplace resonates.  I just have to smile as I think about some of the challenges this week:

  • The computers worked on and off.  THANKS Sherrl for fixing my issues.  You make me smile.
  • Someone was late picking me up to take me to a meeting of the Seattle (Downtown #4) Rotary.  Oh well…I stood in the cold and actually looked around at all the details of where I was standing.  It reminded me that we sometimes don’t pay attention to the details of life around us.  Made me smile.
  • I’m reading Tenure portfolios this week.  I’ve finished one and a half, largely because of interruptions in the day (which is frustrating).  But, as I read them, I am reminded of just how much work and progress our tenure candidates have made.  I smile at their progress and achievement.

These are all minor things in the big scheme of work and every week is filled with them.  It really comes down to how we approach the challenges.  If we let them get us down, we are down.  If we see them as opportunities (like talking with a colleague who you enjoy, looking at your surroundings, or reminding yourself of the commitment of ourfaculty & staff) then these things can actually make you smile.  Maybe a song should be written about it.

Another colleague of mine…one who also makes me smile…sent me this link.

This article is important to me for two reasons.  First, I lived in Germany and one of the concepts presented in the article is one that I understand and know.  I have difficulty translating it into English, yet the article attempts to do this and I am grateful to share something that is so important to me. I strive to have the concept of Gemütlichkeit in my life…at home, at work, and when I seek places to enjoy life.

Second, without having the experience of going abroad, we are often limited in our ability to understand alternative concepts.  I am traveling to Germany during spring break to reconnect with friends; in May, I will travel to Japan on behalf of Cascadia to affirm our relationship with Trajal College and our program to help train their Hotel & Travel students in English.  I am grateful for those opportunities and it reminds me that we should make every attempt to provide those opportunities to our faculty, staff, and students.  I think that would be a good goal for me next year…to find a way to allow our community to engage in more international experiences.  That might be raising money, that might be bringing people to campus.  I’m not sure but I believe strongly in its value.

Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “President’s Friday Letter, 2-13-15

  1. I definitely needed this today. I think we’re allowed to have our downs and our emotions, but it is how we use them and move forward from those experiences that shapes our attitudes and our actions. I’d also add that studying abroad… traveling abroad… is a MUST!

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