Internship in RAIN

I attended an event in Mobius Hall on Friday, February 6 as part of an internship with the PR/Marketing Lab. RAIN — Reaching American Indian Nations — is an annual event for American Indian high school students to introduce Cascadia and UWB.

At 8:00 am, I helped Sara, who is the outreach specialist at Cascadia, to prepare. We put information bags on the seats, put table cloths on the tables, and cut bread and fruit for the visitors. Because this activity collaborated with UWB, there were some UWB staff and students.

At 9:00 am, about 70 students and their instructors came. When it began, Sara introduced Cascadia and used smart phones to interact with students by asking questions. This was good activity because the students like to communicate directly. It attracted them and helped them to pay attention. It was good for the college because we collected data from the students.

At 10:00 am, there are 5 workshops for students to pick. Sara hosted the workshop for “Pathways to College.” She and Amy, who is UWB admissions advisor. Ben, who is a professor at Tulalip Northwest Indian College, also gave a lecture. The workshop offered the three ways to the university, including two year college –Cascadia, 4 year university –UWB, and Tribal College- Tulalip Northwest Indian College. Students had many questions about applications. Sara, Amy, and Ben gave the  answers.

These activities were a benefit for the students because the students communicated with the colleges directly, they met employees that they can contact later, and also gave them the chance to see our campus before they make decisions.


At 11:00 am, my internship ended, and Sara had another workshop to host. She is very busy and gave me some advice. Thank you!