Perspective of an International Student: volunteer and TV serials

Hi, guys! Let’s continue the last blog and talk about how I improve English skill in my daily life.

I recommend to be a volunteer. I’m a volunteer at after school program in Shoreline. There are many cute children from elementary school and they are very polite. My job is help them do some assignments and play with them. That’s very interesting. We help each other, and I learn some English from them and they also learn some knowledge from me. That’s a good way to practice my English.

The other way that I practice my English is by watching tv serials.  Now I am watching The Middle. This serial describes a common American family, with hard-working parents and three children. They meet some funny things in daily life. For instance, in one show the daughter wins tickets to Disneyland in California but the family drives to Disneyworld in Florida. “Holy crap!” I can learn many things in the TV serials. They quarrel a lot, and finally they are a nice family. Learning English doesn’t need a special way, just follow your interests, and you will learn a lot in the future.