Perspective of an International Student: Fahrenheit, Subway, and News

I am an international student from China. Now, I am starting as a student at Cascadia College. I am learning English and culture in daily life. It’s not only in the classroom but everywhere.

An interesting thing happened in my science class. When the instructor asked what the normal temperature of the human body is, all the classmates answered 98. I was shocked and I thought I was an alien. In my country, it is 36.5. American use Fahrenheit and most of countries use Celsius. I knew this before I came to the USA but I was still astonished when I heard that. The scene appeared in my brain that people were boiling and turned red in the face.

Another example is going to Subway. This is where I usually go for lunch. I need to choose the bread, the meat, and the vegetables, and the cheese, and the salad dressing.  I always use sweet onion dressing. This is how I learn the names of a lot of foods. In my home town there are two or three sandwich shops but I never went there. We have 20 or 30 Kentucky Fried Chicken stores so I would usually go there.

I also enjoy watching news on television. I am interested in international news and debates. I can learn about things that are happening around the world. I like to watch the news with the subtitles so that I can read. It helps me to understand what the anchors and reporters are saying.

All the things aid me to learn more about English and the American culture. I will be talking about other examples next week.








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