President’s Friday Letter, 1-23-15

Welcome back to Integrate It! Are you following the Collaboratory story?

There were some significant highlights to the week.  On Wednesday the Trustees met with the School District Superintendents and board members from the three districts in our service area.  We are doing good work together and it was very affirming to hear how much the school districts embrace Cascadia and two-year institution options.

The next day, which was yesterday, I worked with our Continuing Education folks and met with 6 HR managers from large manufacturing companies in our district.  The goal here was to share how we can bring employee development training to them.  They were very excited that we could provide this service.  I think it is good to remember that we can serve a broad array of constituents, from ABE to Continuing Ed to Prof-Tech & Transfer, and it was nice to see our guests yesterday look at us in a new light.

This week was also spent recruiting members to our Foundation Advisory Council.  We’ve had a good response from community leaders across government and business sectors.  We have certainly established ourselves in the district and I designed the council to have representatives from across the service area.  So far, no one has said No.

Next week will be somewhat intense.  I am in Olympia from Tuesday through Friday.  Legislative receptions, Trustee trainings, our mid-year Trustee retreat, awards dinners, two days of presidents meetings…and we cap it off with lunch with the Governor and the 34 presidents on Friday.  THAT should be interesting.  I’ll report on the insanity next Friday.

As you head off to your weekend, please feel free to send me any feedback you may have on Human Rights Awareness Week. We are having a debriefing meeting on Monday to assess its effectiveness.

Have a great weekend.

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