Cascadia Collaboratory: Airstream Dream

Just needs to be towed, scraped and buffed.

1973 Airstream Argosy in need of towing, scraping, and buffing.

We’re just a field order away from purchasing the newest addition to Cascadia’s fleet: a vintage Airstream trailer. Except for one thing. First we have to find one and that is proving to be a challenge. The best deals seem to be in Florida and the Carolinas. That’s a long road trip. Those that are closer to home are moss covered. Or scratched and dented. Or have been inhabited for decades and aren’t ready to tow.

Before this blog post gets too far down the road, let me back it up a few miles.

Imagine a traveling art gallery, a platform for teach outs and demonstrations, a library for tutoring, a maker space, a field office for environmental science, a pop-up coffee house. The possibilities are many.  Jared Leising (chair of the Integrated Learning Committee), Jessica Ketcham Weber (faculty lead in arts and humanities) and I (everything outreach) have been plotting and planning and pitching our way to acquiring and retrofitting a trailer the college can take on the road in pursuit of scholarship and community outreach. A Seattle architecture firm has agreed to collaborate with us by leading the design and build out of the trailer’s interior. But first we need the Airstream.

I’ve been communicating with a variety of folks. Maria, who is in the armed services, has recently accepted a new post and is selling her father’s ’68 Airstream Safari. She can have it shipped to Bothell via eBay but I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea (not to mention against state protocol) to commit to this type of purchase sight unseen. Jerry is closer to home. He’s about a quarter of the way finished removing the white paint on a ’73 Argosy to expose the metal sheen underneath. Alas, his wife is ready for him to unload it as is. Finishing the scraping job is not a project I want to undertake.

Got any leads on a vintage Airstream? Please let us know!

2 thoughts on “Cascadia Collaboratory: Airstream Dream

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  2. Have you thought of asking the LWIT body shop students to help with the scraping work? LWIT is one of our neighboring colleges. Maybe they’ll do it very cheap.

    Have you thought of writing to Airstream for a donation? I have a certificate in fund raising. You can request for services, actual items, money, and even gift cards for a cause. This is a cause, an educational outreach cause. This will help Cascadia reach out to find different target groups to enroll at Cascadia.

    You can even email the American Masters Association for handymen to volunteer their time to strip down the trailer or help build in the trailer. Nothing is impossible!!!! There’s lots of possibilities.

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