The Break is Here At Last: A Fall Quarter 2014 Retrospect

It’s the first week of the holidays!


Students are spending time with loved ones and finally taking a collective sigh of relief now that the madness of finals has ceased. Faculty members are compiling grades and preparing for winter quarter (hopefully finding time to relax too), and staff are vigorously plugging away at various tasks and duties with a break in sight at last! I, for one, just finished my last online final and am ready to start getting caught up on all the things at home I have neglected these past three months. Honestly, taking time to clean my room is going to be fantastic!

Looking back on this quarter I admit it was rocky at times, definitely rocky, but ultimately a success in my book. Work stretched me in ways a job has never before (my wonderful advisor can certainly attest to this), and classes constantly kept me busy with objectives and goals always piling up. It all made my head spin. I’m sure my fellow Kodiaks agree: Fall quarter was tough! What with group projects driving us crazy, hybrid and online courses presenting new ways of learning, cramming for tests we thought we were prepared for, making time for running to the food trucks or Stopwatch for a much needed meal, and finding  some semblance of a personal life; suffice to say, being a full-time student is a challenge.

Here’s the silver-lining though (other than saying “sayonara” to finals): think of all you have learned as a result of going to Cascadia these past three months and the growth you experienced. Sure, I recognize a portion of us Kodiaks only come to campus for our two classes and then leave because we have busy lives; not everyone is involved outside of the classroom once the figurative bell rings, but I would still argue you are not the same person you were at the beginning of Fall.

Speaking from personal experience, I am not the same.

I have been challenged by the courses I took and the people I interacted with. I learned a ton about working with others. I engaged in subject matter and situations I otherwise would not have. My opinions and views were refined and shaken up. I made new friends and strengthened the relationships I already had. I am not the same, and I have Cascadia and it’s community to thank for this.

So to fall quarter and all it entailed, I say thank you. Thank you for challenging me. Thank you for the successes and failures. Thank you for pushing me to the breaking point at times and then sparking a fire in me to keep going. Thank you for everything, fall quarter!

What about you? What are your takeaways from this quarter at Cascadia?
How have you been changed? Comment and tell me all about it!81aPKJ3QHgL._SL1500_

Happy Holidays, my fellow Kodiaks. Be good to one another and go listen to your favorite Christmas songs with a steaming cup of holiday cheer! =]


(“Pentatonix – That’s Christmas to Me” tops my favorites. Check it out!)

Jared Trinka – Fall Quarter 2014 PR/Marketing Lab Student Intern

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