Integrate It! FAQs

integrate it

What is Integrate It?  Integrate It! is the name of Cascadia College’s blog site. It was created using WordPress and it’s dedicated to the topic of active and integrated learning.

Why would I consider blogging on Integrate It?  The answer to this question has multiple parts. Think of it as a platform for discussing experiences/opportunities/information/questions/ideas that relate to active and integrated learning with others who are interested in the topic. By engaging in the blog, you’ll create an archived resource that you can access. Blogging is very cool hip groovy nifty now.

Integrate what, exactly?  Anything related to active or integrated learning. The possibilities abound: Write about a learning community that you’re teaching. Invite people to participate in a class discussion or experience. Tell your colleagues about a class project. Post photos of yourself or your students in action. Post a link to an article or a video. Solicit volunteers for an event. Share ideas. Collect feedback.

Who is the audience for this blog?  The intended audience is initially Cascadia employees, students, and members of our immediate community. But if we do this well, anyone who is interested in the topic of active and integrated learning will be able to find the site and ask for permission to join.

Is the blog public? Can anyone post to it?  Yes, it is. In fact, there’s a link to it on the homepage of our website. You have to have an account to post content on the blog but anyone can read it and respond to blog posts.

How would someone go about opening an account?  If you’re interested in joining the conversation, please email and we’ll get you all set up.

Is there a certain writing style I need to use?  Nope. Write in a style that is comfortable to you. The blog is not a news source, so it doesn’t have to present both sides of an argument.

Is there an ideal length?  No again. Your post might be three long paragraphs, three sentences, or three thought provoking words.

Are there any rules?  There are a few: Identify who you are and your affiliation with Cascadia. Always be truthful. And absolutely no disparaging remarks about people or institutions, obscenities, sexual harassment, bullying, or revealing of college secrets. Oh! And credit your sources. These rules are based on those suggested by David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Do I need to tag my blog posts?  Actually, no one ever asks this question but the answer is yes please. Tagging your blog posts is the method by which entries are organized and archived for reference. First, select a category (art, engineering, events, learning communities, etc.). Then, enter tags for your post (name of a specific artist, a class project, an event name, a course title, etc.).


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