Hybrid Courses! Love Them, Hate Them, or What?

Hello Fellow Kodiaks!

This is my third year at Cascadia College and this Fall 2014 quarter is my first taking a hybrid course.

For those who do not know, a hybrid course is one where the class meets once a week in-person for lectures and discussion and then utilizes an online medium (at Cascadia we use Canvas) for things like discussion boards, quizzes, tests, and/or homework submissions. It is also important to note the structure of classroom time and online work is up to the instructor, thus varying from class to class.photo (3)

The hybrid course I am enrolled in is Introduction to Physical Geography. This course is very different than any I have taken before because of many things. The most prominent reason this is a new experience is the obvious: I have never taken a hybrid course before at Cascadia or anywhere else. I have done online courses and of course, in-person classes, but never a hybrid. Online courses have always been challenge for me because you are challenged to stay on top of things and do not have set class time to keep you accountable. You are accountable to yourself in online courses, where as in-person classes you have consistency in when due dates are and the expectation to be prepared whenever class happens. If you are like me it really depends on the professor and the course content whether or not I excel in either online classes or in-person ones, so you can imagine my apprehension at taking a hybrid class.

Even with my concern I do enjoy being challenged and having my mind stretched, so I thought, “What the hey. I need to cover some science credits, so let’s give this a go.” Thus far, I am happy to report I have quite enjoyed taking this course. Subject matter aside the structure of the class is something that works for me. Not only do I get the time to discuss and learn face-to-face with my classmates, but I also get to learn at essentially my own pace with the online content. While this learning-structure does not work for all, my experience has been the best of both these worlds and I have excelled thus far.

This has been a short account of my experience and I am curious to see what y’all think about hybrid courses.
Are you or have you taken one through Cascadia or another institution?
What has been your experience with hybrid courses?
Love them? Hate them? Thoughts?
(Also if you are a faculty member, what do you think about hybrid courses? Your perspective would be interesting to add into the mix.)

I hope you all continue to have a great quarter!
Be good to one another and go eat something you enjoy today. =]

photo (4)

Jared Trinka – PR/Marketing Lab Student Intern

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