Cascadia Career Fair!

Cascadia College had partnered with University of Washington Bothell to put on a career fair last Thursday. I had the privilege of participating in this event and it was awesome!

It was really interesting walking around and meeting potential future employers. Most students had arrived in suits, jackets, dresses, and business attire. I was highly impressed by this as I’m used to seeing students in jeans and sweatshirts. While the amazon guys were just that- totally casual, which set a vibe and tone for the seriousness of the company.

Companies such as Cutco, Boeing, College Nannies, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Care Alliance were present at the fair. Even Walgreens made its debut appearance! The woman managing that booth had told me that she never saw herself working there as a career choice, but now 9 years later, loves it! She first started at one of the drugstores working as a cashier in sales. She is now the head of the Human Resources department regionally,  and it is her dream job!photo-3

Speaking with her about this gave me a lot of hope. I sometimes wonder if I will ever develop a good enough career plan. We, as American college students spend a fortune on our education;  and having a goal in mind is important. I think it’s interesting that most people end up doing something completely opposite of their chosen degree/field of study. The opportunities are limitless!

Another aspect of the career fair that was very interesting to me was the vast number of open internship possibilities. Almost every company I had spoken with, had an option for a summer or even part time internship. A lot of them were paid as well. One gentlemen started with the Cutco company when he was 17 years old, is on his last year of college, and will be graduating with a lot of sales and marketing experience under his belt.

I hope that by next year, I can have more direction as far as a career path, and know what I am striving towards! Until then, I will keep mixing research with dreams and work towards a happily technology-ever-after.

Mila Prokopenko- Student Intern in Cascadia’s PR/Marketing Lab


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